Born in France and raised in Northern California, Emilie's passion for climbing began when she was 8 years old. As a youth competition climber, she spent her childhood traveling to competitions and climbing outside. After taking time off to pursue university, she truly realized that climbing was her entire world and started working to build a life around climbing.

Emilie's current climbing goals are to get outside at every opportunity and to regularly send double-digit boulder problems. As a young mom, female working in tech, and athlete, she strives everyday to inspire others to achieve their personal goals no matter what obstacles are standing in their way. Emilie loves climbing hard, powerful boulder problems and giving it all she's got. If her finger tips aren't raw and bleeding by the end of a climbing trip, she doesn't feel satisfied!

Proudest sends: Dirty Martini on the Rocks V9/7C, Legacy of the Kid V9/7C, This is Your Brain on Drugs V9/7C

writer + digital creative

Emilie has a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University. She has been working in the fashion industry since 2014 as a creative writer, copywriter, stylist, and digital marketing specialist. Emilie loves bringing marketing campaigns to life through authentic storytelling, strong brand strategy, inspiring art direction, and insightful writing.

Technical Skills: HTML + CSS + JavaScript + Figma for design wireframes and prototypes. Emilie created this website using React and Gatsby.